Certifying Your Oilsgift.com Site With dōTERRA®.


Originally published at: https://oilsgift.com/certifying-your-oilsgift-com-site-with-doterra/

Before you can legally use dōTERRA’s name, like I just did, on your site you must first have your Oilsgift.com website(s) approved by dōTERRA. This also extends to having dōTERRA product photos with their name, references to CPTG®, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®, names of oil blends or any other trademarked word or phrase. Lucky for us it’s an easy process, So let’s get started.

To start the registration process on your new Oilsgift.com website click on the link below.


You will then be presented with a page that looks similar to this.

First, fill out your name. If you do not know your Wellness Advocate # you will find it within your initial registration email sent by dōTERRA. Your dōTERRA rank will be consultant. Please choose the https:// option when selecting website URL from the drop down menu. Next, add in your new “”.oilsgift.com website name, which you would have created when registering with Oilsgift.com and that can also be found in a registration email. Fill in the Phone and Email boxes. Lastly, check the box “Check here if your website is currently compliant.”, before hitting the submit button.

depending on how many websites are in review you will hear back from dōTERRA’s site certification department by email, phone, or both. You will also receive an email with your review.

Great! You passed… Click the link to open up a page like the one below.

Step 1. decide how large of a logo you would like displayed on your site and verify that the automatically filled information is correct.

Step 2. Read through the terms and conditions & Initial

Step 3. Accept

Step 4. Copy the code to your clipboard.

The next step is to log-in to your Oilsgift.com Dashboard, which can be accessed at “yoursitename”.oilsgift.com/login or here: Login. Put in your username and password sent to you via email when creating your site. On the left hand side scroll down until you have Appearance highlighted and select Customize.

Select Widgets from the menu that opens.

Then, Footer Area #1.

Then, Add a Widget.

Select Custom HTML.

Step 5. Paste the code copied to your clipboard into the “Content” section. Hit done and make sure to Publish.

dōTERRA’s seal may take some time to appear on your site. After it does appear verify that everything is accurate by first clinking on it, after which you should be presented with a verification page.


If you also would like to the add the dōTERRA Wellness Advocate logo to the footer follow the above tutorial until you get to “Add a Widget”.

Then, select image.

Grab the image that you would like in the footer, and select “Add to Widget”.

Last, hit done and Publish.

Congratulations! You have successfully certified your site. Please help us keep Oilsgift.com sites compliant, if you find another site on the Oilsgift.com network that does not abide by either Oilsgift.com or dōTERRA’s policies please kindly email us at oilsgift@gmail.com with a Subject “Somebody is doing something bad” and include their website URL.